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Passing of the Ice Dragon A&S Penthalon - Youth Entries

Click HERE for a PDF file of the Youth Entry judging criteria.

The rules take note of the fact that the Youth's parents / instructor may help them with their entries. Extra credit is available for those Youths who 'do it all themselves' or a considerable part of the entry. (See "Assistance" below). Note that a perfect score is (5x6=) 30 points.

Note: any teen who wishes to compete as an adult is permitted to do so in the MAIN categories. If they do so, they should not enter "Youth Entries."

Documentation (6 points total):

Does the project entry come with details on what the entrant chose to make?
For this criterion we look to see if you answered these questions:

1. What is your entry?
2. Where did you get your idea (books, internet, etc.?)
3. What year is it from?
4. Where did it come from? (culture or place)
5. What was it used for?
6. How would it have been made in period?
7. How did you make it?

Material & Method (6 points total):

What materials or ingredients did the entrant use?
Which method, tools did the entrant need to create it?
Does the entrant know if these are similar to those used in period?

Historical context (6 points total):

Did the entrant base their project on a period pre-1600 example?
Did the entrant tell us more about it?
And about other, similar, examples?
What did the entrant do differently? Why?

Workmanship (6 points total):

Did the entrant need a lot of skill to create your project?
Did they know know if these are similar skills as used in period?

Assistance (6 points total):

How much help did the entrant get from their parent or instructor?
How well does the entrant / parent indicate any division of research, labor and journal keeping between adult and youth? One way of doing this is to add a list of who did what (youth did meauring / parent used powertools, etc.).

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