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Food concessions will be available for purchase onsite for cash or credit. Outside food is permitted for vigils and general populace. Please remember that the site is dry.

Boyscout Food Fundraiser

A fundraiser will be taking place at Ice Dragon this year to benefit Cub Scout Troop 240 from Greece, New York as part of the Seneca Waterways Council.

Items for sale will be pre-packaged items, mostly snack food items, popcorn, trail mix, candy bars, etc.

The fundraiser will be set up by the stairs in forum building where troll and merchants will also be set up.

The funds raised will be used to fund cub scout troop pack activities and outings as well as supplementing annual dues for members.

Fundraiser is being overseen by Lord Dyrske Hastings, youth marshal, and there will be cub scouts and troop leaders onsite selling the items.

Please show your support.

Concessions Menu

Below is a list of tavern food available for purchase on the day of the event, prices are listed:

Hamburger 4.39

Cheeseburger 4.59

Bacon Cheeseburger 5.45

Chicken Tenders (3) 4.79

Mozzarella Sticks (4) 4.09

French Fries 2.19

Onion Rings 2.49

Slice of Pizza (Cheese/Pepperoni) 2.89

Specialty Slice of Pizza 3.19

Wrap 5.99

Sandwich 5.99

Chips 1.29

Beverages (Prices range from $1.89-$4.35)

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