Merchant Coordinator: Lady Natsu (Heather Dow)- email psychlady08 AT gmail DOT com


  1. Moonrock farm- Wool products and weavings,yarn, felt, baskets.
  2. Black Unicorn Wood- Handmade Soap and cosmetics.
  3. Goblin Parlour Games- Handcrafted Historical Games.

  4. Far Mountain Soap- All Natural Soap, Woven belts, project materials.
  5. Honey Apple Hill/Mead Magick- Mead Kits, Raw Honey.
  6. Sunshadow Design-- Handmade metal SCA regalia, medallions, knives, swords, jewelry.

  7. Cool Craniums- Skulls, furs, pirate stuff, skull stuff.
  8. 11th century badger- Period Accessories.
  9. Honnoria Dehka Pottery- Pottery.

  10. Minerva’s Spindle- Spinning and Weaving Supplies.
  11. In Grain Crafts- period leather goods and armor.
  12. Merimask- Hand crafted leather and ceramic goods.

  13. Snoods by Monickza/Happy Pollack Soap- Handmade Snoods, soap.
  14. Aries Design- handmade Stained glass.
  15. Artful Badger- Handmade Jewelry, Hairsticks.

  16. Knives of the North-knives, thrown weapons, and sharpening supplies.
  17. Central Asian Garb- Mongol/Chinese/Japanese garb.
  18. Crafts by Lee- stuffed animals, feast gear, novelties.
  19. MP Darrow-- Period Jewelry.

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