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Fencing Tournament info:

Bear pit format

1 point sword
2 points dagger
1 point entry

Extra points for each different weapons form combination.

Fencers please remember to wear only sneakers or rubber soled shoes on gym floor and no taking of knees during tournament to protect gym floor from being damaged.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


*** Times in between the tournaments may be subject to change. ***

Three Tournaments:

1) Single Elimination / Atlantian Speed tourney:

Round One: 1 point for each round you fight.


1 fight / 1 loss equals one point.
2 fights / 1 loss equals two points.
3 fights / 1 loss equals three points.

WINNER is awarded 10 points

 2) Ribbon Challenge tourney: 

Begins 15 minutes after the Single Elim tourney and will last 1 hour

All Peers bestowed and Royal (Red) - 4 points each
Grant of Arms (Yellow) - 3 points each
Award of Arms (Blue) - 2 points each
N/A (Green) - 1 point each


3 ribbons each of your color determined by your highest order of precedence - if you lose, ribbon of color is forfeited to the winner.
You can participate as long as you have ribbons of assigned color.
At the end of 1 hour, combatants will turn in their ribbons to the MOL (in a provided envelope).
Points allocated by # of colored ribbons collected

3) Timed Bear Pit:

Begins 15 minutes after the Ribbon tourney and will last 2 hours.
2 points for win, 1 point for loss.


Standard bear pit format - 5 wins then rotate out.
Points are added to total of other points earned in other tourneys.



Time: 11 am 2 pm approximately.

Round Robin tournament.

2 points for win, 1 point loss.

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