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*** Times in between the tournaments may be subject to change. ***

Three Tournaments:

1) Single Elimination / Atlantian Speed tourney:

Round One: 1 point for each round you fight.


1 fight / 1 loss equals one point.
2 fights / 1 loss equals two points.
3 fights / 1 loss equals three points.

WINNER is awarded 10 points

 2) Ribbon Challenge tourney: 

Begins 15 minutes after the Single Elim tourney and will last 1 hour

All Peers bestowed and Royal (Red) - 4 points each
Grant of Arms (Yellow) - 3 points each
Award of Arms (Blue) - 2 points each
N/A (Green) - 1 point each


3 ribbons each of your color determined by your highest order of precedence - if you lose, ribbon of color is forfeited to the winner.
You can participate as long as you have ribbons of assigned color.
At the end of 1 hour, combatants will turn in their ribbons to the MOL (in a provided envelope).
Points allocated by # of colored ribbons collected

3) Timed Bear Pit:

Begins 15 minutes after the Ribbon tourney and will last 2 hours.
2 points for win, 1 point for loss.


Standard bear pit format - 5 wins then rotate out.
Points are added to total of other points earned in other tourneys.



Time: 11 am 2 pm approximately.

Round Robin tournament.

2 points for win, 1 point loss.

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