Please contact the Merchant Coordinator with any questions at: rhyspenbras AT gmail DOT com.

Rhys Penbras ap Dafydd (Facebook: Brandon Baranowski)

Merchant Area Map

2018 Ice Dragon Merchants:

  • Central Asian Garb - Mongol/Chinese/Persian Clothing
  • Aries Designs - Handmade stained glass, beads, and Jewelry
  • Sunshadow Design - Jewelry, reproductions of historic jewelry, dress accessories, and cutlery, SCA regalia and coronets, SCA fencing weapons, SCA list legal fencing blades
  • Moon Rock Farm - Yarn, fiber, woven goods, pelts, baskets
  • Rencraft - Leather goods, jewelry, thrown weapons, swords, knives, garb, glassware, boxes, gifts & accessories
  • Brandric's Books Et Cetera - garb, books, games, swords, artwork, etc.
  • 11th Century Badger ltd - handmade items of bone, antler and horn
  • Sleepy Camel Caravan - Costume jewelry
  • Minerva's Spindle - Spinning and Weaving Supplies
  • A Case of Random - hair sticks, barrettes, earrings, tribal jewelry, belly dance accessories
  • Rowan Circle - Fabric, jewelry, gemstones
  • Beads and Things - Antique trade beads, hand crafted wooden bowls, silk saris and sari trims, knives
  • Cool Craniums - skulls, bones, furs, pouches, misc weird items
  • BadAss Garb - Quality, hand-crafted garb and garb accessories, including durable fighting tunics and pants, and feast garb, cloaks, hoods, and other outerwear, with something special for all personas
  • tea and comfort - Teas,woven things ,baskets,bags belts,shawles,handspun yarn
  • Leatherstone - Pottery
  • Artful Badger Designs - Jewelry and accessories
  • Merimask - leather goods, leather masks, handmade knit garb
  • Crafts by lee - Assortment of A and S supplies, baskets, and games, feast gear items and stickers for vehicles
  • SleepyUnicorn - Fabric
  • Ęthelmart - Handmade belts with replica fittings, reproduction Hedeby quivers and bags (with documentation), replica tarsoly pouches (with documentation), SCA-legal target arrows, high-end finished rattan sidearms

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