Children's Activities

Youth activities at Ice Dragon

Host: Baroness Cordelia Colton

All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

From 11:30 am to 1:30 pm there will be structured arts and crafts style kids activities as well as a toddler play zone. A kids gaming table will be available as well.

The play area will be open before 11:30 am and after 1:30 pm for unstructred family play.

Schedule subject to change, look for posted signs.

A message from our Baron on Youth activities at Ice Dragon

(…and well everywhere else in the Barony).

I want to take a second to speak about the children’s activities at Ice Dragon. It is important to remember that the children’s activities are not day care! Parent(s) are required to stay with their children at the activities. Under no circumstances should people just drop off their kids and leave. The folks that run Children’s activities are there to enrich your child’s experience at events not provide you with a baby sitter. If you are bringing young ones to the event please stay informed on the activities, communicate with the children’s activities staff, and be proactive. Children’s activities are important to the future of the Society and we need to support the volunteers willing to provide them.

Thank you ahead of time.

Magnus de Lyons, Baron Rhydderich Hael and fill in Autocrat Ice Dragon 2018

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